About us

cms-img The Acetaia San Giovanni , for some decades produces both "the seasoning of apples" and "the seasoning of grapes". They are products that are born from the methods handed down by generation in generation matched by raw materials of excellent quality.
Grape seasoning: the seasoning of grapes we produce it from ripe and sweet Trebbian grapes, their nectar once cooked releases unique aromas. Also along with must vinegar is left to rest in barrels of fine woods, sized to scale, with annual reinforcements from major to minors for several years to reach the organoleptic characteristics of absolute importance.
High-quality foods traditionally produced and stored in our territories, in the attics of our houses to be able to tap the little that you need in the kitchen to embellish a fillet, strawberries, ice cream taste or as a digestive or Parmigiano Reggiano or when we simply want to taste something with a sweet, pleasant and pleasant taste inimitable.

Apple seasoning:
apples left to mature on tree to get a good sugar level and not least the best aromas and flavors that they can give. Once collected, they are washed, minced and squeezed; in turn its extracted juice is cooked and left to rest together with apple vinegar in barrels of fine woods, sized to scale with annual reinforcements from the major to the minors, all this for several years until reaching a maturation but above all a aging that allows it to acquire fragrances and flavors otherwise unattainable.
It is difficult for those who reside in a certain territory to understand the reasons for customs, customs, ways of say and ways of doing, tastes and popular traditions.
But as you grow up you become aware of each of these habits, you are intrigued and want to deepen on every aspect and on every nuance. This is how we approach the gastronomic tradition of the Modenese territory, in those farms where the family's food needs are still almost completely produced, from meats to vegetables, from tomato sauce to sauces, from fruit jams to condiments. Products always in the simplest and most genuine ways as they are mainly intended for family consumption. Some of these foods need time to mature, to grow old and reach those aromas and flavors that otherwise never would ever get. It is certainly the case of condiments, produced with surmaturated fruits on the apple and vine plants to obtain the taste and sweetness of the juice, which cooked and planted in small barrels will be transformed by yeasts and bacteria which will give it in various lustrous organoleptic characteristics unique and such that only then will be considered suitable to be consumed. These procedures, which have remained unchanged for centuries, make it possible to obtain characters that when combined with first courses, meats and desserts release a harmony of sensations and unique pleasures.